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My name is Michael Larson, also known as Big Mike. I'm 18, I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and been there all my life. My favorite teams are the Raiders, Dodgers, Spurs, USC/UNLV football, and UNLV basketball. I will be walking on the UNLV basketball team next year. My whole life revolves around sports. Playing them, watching them, researching them etc. I love video games, especially NBA 2K and I've been playing fantasy sports since I was in middle school. I started listening to ESPN radio when I was in elementary school, when my dad would turn on Colin Cowherd in the mornings. He is by far my favorite analyst. If you ever want to talk to me about sports, our show, or maybe you're in Vegas and you want to play some ball, my Twitter is @MichaelL2102



J. Franchise

My name is Ivan Matić, also known as "Mr. Box Office" on the show! I grew up watching and playing sports non-stop.. I watch this sports stuff like no other, I don't watch anything else on TV except sports. I am 21 years old, I was born in Croatia but have lived in the Virginia since I was seven. Since I lived in VA, we don't have too many sports teams around here and the DC-Maryland area didn't interest me. The following sports teams are my favorite: NBA- Detroit Pistons, NFL- Indianapolis Colts, NCAAF- Texas Longhorns, NCAAB- Duke Blue Devils, Soccer- Croatia and Chelsea FC! Out of all the sports I watch, I hate the New England Patriots by far the most.. I don't find baseball interesting enough to follow. My favorite athlete all time would have to be Peyton Manning. If I had to choose a favorite analyst, it would be Stephen A Smith. You can follow and reach me on Twitter/Instagram: @Cro_Matic23

True_X The SportsJunky,  formally known as Xavier Trahan was born & raised on the Southside of Lafayette, La. True was NOT your average kid growing up, instead of watching cartoons & kiddy movies, True watched & kept stats up on all sports just for fun. He also excelled at playing sports. Today, True is a avid fan of ALLLLLLLLL Louisiana professional & collegiate teams. Outside of Louisiana teams, he also loves to root for Duke in college basketball & the Yankees in MLB(being that Louisiana doesn't have a MLB team). If you're on Social Media & you're a sports enthusiast @IamTrueX is a MUST FOLLOW on Twitter. Get all of his latest updates on what's going on in the world of sports, as he ends every post with his signature hashtag #SportsJunky

This is Jasper AKA J. Franchise. Originally from Scott, LA, I have been a HUGE sports fan. I’ve followed and played sports since I was 6. I’ve always been a New Orleans Saints and LSU fan. As far as basketball, I loved the 1990’s Chicago Bulls teams and lately, I’ve been an avid and unbiased NBA and overall sports fan. If you have any sports related questions, email me atjfranchise232007@yahoo.com…